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We are sorry to hear you lost your passphrase. No worries, if you are legit account owner you can get access to the account, however if you did not backup your private key beforehand, all your conversations will be lost and your contacts will not be able to verify your old posts.
Email Recovery
It’s simple, just fill in your email in the box and click the “recover” button. You will receive email from us containing a link. Once you click that link you will be redirected to a page where you can change your passphrase. Always look for the green HTTPS lock and in the address bar, if there is no such lock icon or domain does not match, leave the site immediately.
Identity Recovery
If you are a holder of the verified account and cannot be recovered using the email recovery method, you can contact us at and we will proceed with your request. You will need 2 pieces of government issued documents. Those can be national identity card and/or passport and/or driver’s license.
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